Bananas Stuffed With Treats; Coming Soon to Argentina

A banana is a banana is a banana – except when it’s stuffed with a delectably sweet filling.

Argentine Sebastian Berger has invented what he says is an easy and hygienic way to add zest to bananas.

It’s called the Destapabanana and it’s akin to an apple corer.

The instrument bores a hole into the unpeeled potassium-rich, fruit which can then be filled with almost anything, including Argentina’s favorite sticky caramel sauce, dulche de leche.

[Sebastian Berger, Destapabanana Inventor]:
“When I realized you can combine dulce de leche with banana and turn the fruit into a dessert in a very hygienic, attractive, fun and tasty way, I knew it would revitalize the market. So the balance of all those things is what motivated me.”

Destapabanana is not being sold commercially yet but has been patented in several countries. And Berger is hoping to attracting several investers to propel his banana revolution.

[Sebastian Berger, Destapabanana Inventor]:
“In the time that I have been working on this I have understood that the fruit sellers will be the people who will benefit most from the existence of the Destapabanana. Because it will increase their sales.”

An intensive marketing effort is underway but only time will tell if the Destapabanana will have the necessary a-peel for Berger’s idea to bear fruit.

By New Tang Dynasty Television | 2011-09-26


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