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DestapaBanana has a rich story that transformed a simple banana into a dessert with infinite flavors. That’s what makes this story so long and absorbingly interesting.

In each banana you prepare in your home with DestapaBanana and Saboreala flavors, or in each banana you eat in your favorite restaurant in your neighborhood, city, or country, there is a world of fun, joy, surprises, health, vitality, nutrition and much, much more awaiting.

Welcome to the new experience that DestapaBanana has to offer, the banana with infinite flavors in its original package!

Our Vision

In every family with a habit of eating bananas there will be DestapaBananas and its fillings. And where there is yet not such habit, DestapaBanana will fill that void and create a new healthy habit.

This has to do with the qualities any person can see in this nutritious, revolutionary and tasty new concept.

Consumers immediately choose the banana with infinite flavors once they see DestapaBanana and delicious Saboreala fillings.

We are proud to announce that during 2013 & 2014 a high percentage of banana distributing businesses will be marketing and promoting.

DestapaBanana for their consumers. It will be truly easy to find in your local supermarkets the complete DestapaBanana kit and Saboreala fillings to prepare the most delicious, fun, nutritious and tasty bananas ever in your own home.

Obtain your password to visit our commercial area, where you can find all the information you need to start promoting and marketing this product in your country.

Our Values

We try to bring you DestapaBanana and Saboreala fillings at the lowest price possible, and the best promotions by the banana distributing business from different countries. We aim to find and give all the support needed to stimulate the creation of new plans to increase work as much as possible.

We believe the best way to create new opportunities for everyone is to make connections.

Since DestapaBanana necessarily needs bananas and fillings to prepare the banana with infinite flavors, it is easy to assume that many new work opportunities will arise in every business involved. That inspires us.

This is why we will focus all our effort in searching for the support of companies that promote and market DestapaBanana in their own countries to develop work groups and expand the opportunities of anyone who wishes to be involved.

Promotion of healthy products with low prices, easy preparation is the aim of DestapaBanana.

Our policy of promoting healthy and fun products is completely necessary for our goals of giving work alternatives to people from all walks of life so that they can create their own work source. With our help and the help of the banana distributing industry of each country, anyone can start preparing and marketing the banana with infinite flavors.

You are invited to experience the flavor and happiness that DestapaBanana and the banana with infinite flavors in its original package bring!

A banana with infinite flavors brings joy, happiness and vitality.



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